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"If quantum mechanics hasn't profoundly shocked you, you haven't understood it yet. ~ Niels Bohr "

Biofeedback for Your Brain?

There is new evidence that people can learn to control the activity of some brain regions when they get feedback signals provided by functional magnetic resonance brain imaging (fMRI).

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Hey ! ! You ! ! Are you listening...open your eyes lend me your ears.
I mean really... You know that sound your hearing... sometimes, and you think your ears are ringing, buzzing and or vibrating. If you listen fearfully, "carefully" through that noise pollution that we are all so accustomed, or should I dare say "acclimated" into hearing 24.7.365. Well...Ladies & Gents. I'm only going to start a little surface scratch on the subject so I don't take "to much of your time" you know who you are "your busy schedules" brain washed and rinsed fellow'sapiens.

This ones sure to cook a noodle or two.

The "term" MASONIC or most know as FREEMASON is a secret fraternal organization... like our government lol. However, this little "sound bite" (hint'key'word) coming from an EX-Mason. Is about to break the "golden rule" (hint'key'phrase). Are you with me so far? good, Let's break'it down.

MA' (Term or meaning for MOTHER) SONIC (Term or meaning for SOUND)

This ONE also assimilated with the group AMORC or CROMA.... are you still with me conspiracy theorists?

I'm going to blow the lid off.....so you think you think you've heard of them maybe as the ORDER OF ROSE CROIX or Order of the THE CROSS or royal bloodline....look it up! It's a fact'Jack! TruthBEtold by walnutz ~ CROMA is related to sound, it's VIBRATION (resonance) as a matter of fact.

Here's the real kicker...CROMA KEY in musical terms can be played as a ratio: 3:4:5 (triangle / pyramid) Frequencies are Resonant when "the one" wave length is an exact multiple of the other. This is known to you math buffs as 'THE GOLDEN SECTION or GOLDEN RULE or SACRED or ANCIENT GEOMETRY. This was created by the gods according to strict proportions and it ensures the inter-tuning of all objects one to another. Today we are well aware that the hypotenuse of such a triangle is a fundamental concept relating directly to the question of harmony, and anything we say about harmony can be associated first and foremost with sound....SOUND....HMMMM. SONIC....mother of sound... we know that the whole musical scales, the whole sonic temperament, is subordinated to the same law "the one" The Golden Section or Ratio or MOTHER OF SOUND. Which ladies and gents if illustrated it will show the geometric relationship that defines constant.

1.6180339887 sectio aurea, mean ratio, extreme mean of Phidias or often denoted by the Greek letter phi. or f. 440 Hz or more accurately 441 Hz.

IT'S f'n ASTONISHING THAT NO-ONE APPEARS TO HAVE NOTICED THAT 441 divided by 1000 is. .441 a function of the GOLDEN SECTION. (And I'm a right brain artisan whom never ever took an interest in math) UNTIL....TA DA !!!!!!
I had BIOFeedback/Sonic Resonance relaxation therapy and ONLY NOW I can understand it and I can see it DANCING in my head.

SO... if your still listening eyes & ears wide open and mouth shut..as my dad says.


ThIS is TO BE CONTINUED... or better said "COMING SOON" direct to you in 2012...soOO stay tuned out... educate yourself...open your F'n miND.
and watch for the SignS, the're all around you.

W91FWY eyes open Len'n DAy ~ ROTFLMAO


..Is all that we see or seem,
but a dream within a dream.
Edgar Allan Poe