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"Death is psychologically as important as birth. ~ Carl Jung"

Film Trailer: Milton H. Erickson: Wizard of the Desert

Trailer to the planned film on Milton H.Erickson, directed by Alex Vesely.

Milton H. Erickson revolutionized the world of psychotherapy with his novel and effective approach. Eventually his approach was tabbed, Ericksonian Hypnosis and Psychotherapy. His ideas inspired many professionals, and became the basis of many new schools of brief therapy, including strategic therapy, interactional therapy, Rossis mind/body approach, solution-focused therapy, NLP, outcome-oriented therapy, and the self-relations approach. This documentary explores the life and work of Milton Erickson to provide a picture of the man was thought of as the "Mozart of communication."Dr. Erickson died in 1980, but his work continues to spread around the world. This film takes a look at how todays leading professionals in the field are building on Ericksons ideas; how Erickson has influenced their way of working; and how they envision the future of psychotherapy.

..Is all that we see or seem,
but a dream within a dream.
Edgar Allan Poe